LONDON, May 23 / PRNewswire / – Brits approaching their first peacetime Christmas in seven years want a “victory, no austerity, Christmas” this year, including “some of the whiskey that goes to America so regularly” so “The Daily Express.”

The food secretary, Sir Ben Smith, was able to supply a little more sugar, sweets, fats and meat, according to the newspaper’s column. “We are really grateful for that, but on their own they are far from guaranteeing the merry, merry Christmas the victorious Brits deserve.”

“A bottle of real harbor is a traditional Christmas treat,” the newspaper continued. “Make it easier to find and easier to pay for, and save a little of that whiskey that goes to America so regularly for the houses of Britain.”

Despite the victory in Europe six months ago and the world victory and peace three months ago, the article says, “The people of Britain have no encouragement that there will be enough luxury and semi-luxury to raise their spirits.”

– The New York Herald Tribune, European edition, November 20, 1945.


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