Thoughts on playing together throughout your career gentlemen?

“I would love to play here,” said Turner, the Nats MVP candidate for a shortstop. “And whenever this guy is on your team – I definitely don’t want him on the other team. I want to keep him here as long as possible. I think we have a great relationship. I think it goes without saying that we’d love to play together for a long time. “

How can this be done?

A potential contract extension for Soto became a major issue last week as one of his 22-year-old colleagues, San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., struck a 14-year deal for $ 340 million National For Life Must Be Something what the nats think about every day – even if he doesn’t.

“For me, I’m playing baseball right now,” Soto said on a video call with reporters. “I’ve forgotten it. I’m just happy for it [Tatis];; he gets his deal. But for me it’s about baseball. “

Good idea, Juan. It’s time. Turner’s situation is more urgent. Much more. And he knows exactly what he wants.

“I would love to play here my entire career,” said Turner on Tuesday. “I’ve said it in the past. I’ve always liked it here and don’t think the grass is greener on the other side. … I love it here. I love the atmosphere and the ball club [General Manager Mike] Rizzo and the coaching team put themselves together every year. We will see. I think these conversations took place in the past and hopefully they will take place in the future. “

The future has to be this spring – for several reasons. First, the closer a player gets to the free hand, the more they can feel the potential excitement of giving 30 teams a chance to tell them how wonderful they are. With only 162 games between you and a possible bid war, it becomes easier to think, “Well, I made it this far …”

Turner is familiar with all of these dynamics.

“It’s risk versus reward,” he said. “It’s a simple concept, but it’s very difficult to find an answer. Do you feel like you played your best baseball? Do you feel like you have a lot more to prove? Would you like to bet on yourself? Do you want security?

“I think you can’t give a blanket answer to every player for a lot of these things. Everyone has a different family situation, different thoughts about a city, a different confidence in themselves or a different interest in the game or whatever. “

Again, the reality plays a role that since the Nationals moved to Washington 16 years ago, they only signed two local players before hitting the agency: Ryan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg. As much as the fans wrung their hands over so many of the departures, Rizzo has very little to regret. Turner was already in place to replace Ian Desmond. Jordan Zimmermann’s career went south when he left Washington; and the Nats won the World Series in their first year without Bryce Harper. The loss of Anthony Rendon – a cornerstone of the third baseman – remains difficult to digest, but it is possible to retool with new parts.

Still, at some point it would be nice to be a franchise that sticks to more of its own. Rizzo and his staff have built a sturdy player development machine that is currently thin in part because they have swapped prospects for important league pieces. It is also valuable to watch how they develop and stay. Turner, who was acquired as a minor leaguer in one of Rizzo’s best trades, would be a perfect place to start.

“He’s one of the most exciting players in the game – he really is,” said manager Dave Martinez on Tuesday. “The things he can do out there, the sky is the limit. The good thing is that he wants to get better. He wants to be the best. “

He’s already one of the best, even if not everyone notices it. Ever since New York took over shortstop Francisco Lindor as part of a deal with Cleveland in January, baseball has assumed the Mets behind the new property would sign Lindor to renew before he became the free agency in the off-season reached. In this case, please note the terms of this deal as they apply directly to Turner.

Lindor is a four-time all-star. Turner has never appeared in the all-star game. Lindor has played more than Turner in 236 games. When the “Who’s the best shortstop in the game?” A conversation takes place, Lindor is inevitably mentioned, Turner less.

And yet, here is Lindor’s career average / base percentage / slugging percentage slash: .285 / .346 / .488. Here’s Turners: .296 / .353 / .480. The result: identical percentages for their career of 0.833 based on plus slugging. Beat Turner’s 27-game debut at the end of the 2015 season and he has an OPS of 0.837. During this time, only three shortstops can beat that: Trevor Story, who benefits from playing in Colorado’s air (.877); Corey Seager of the Los Angeles Dodgers (.856); and Bostons Xander Bogaerts (.844).

Lindor is a better defensive player, which is important in shortstop. Even so, he and Turner are both 27. The Mets could try to build around Lindor. Will the Nats also make Turner and Soto bricks?

It is such a nice thought. Buy a jersey and wear it throughout a player’s career – not just their first six years.

“When you’ve got people in their early twenties and then in their mid-twenties and they’re an important part of your team,” said Turner, “I think it’s easier to build that culture when you have it.” These people and you are not exchanging so many parts in this core of people. You can add here and there and not miss a beat. “

Of course, this does not only apply to the Nats. Turner and / or Soto must understand that a team that has been committed to a player for a decade or more is taking a risk as well. It’s a compromise. It’s a negotiation.

But let’s hope it works. On the day of the first full-roster training session in 2021, Trea Turner skillfully and thoughtfully handled all questions about how it would be to get a long-term contract to stay in Washington. In a year that would be a year away from the free agency, it would be more difficult to accomplish this.


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