Alec Baldwin was evicted from Twitter following his wife Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish inheritance scandal. The 62-year-old actor is no stranger to controversy. From his personal scandals and public breakdowns to the twice-indicted President Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) Alec Baldwin is used to public scrutiny and therefore many associate the time of his departure from Twitter Hilaria BaldwinScandal.

Hilaria has been under fire since it was revealed that she was not born and educated in Spain as indicated in her public profiles but was born in Boston and educated in her schools. She also admitted her name was Hillary, not Hilaria, and referred to herself as a “white Boston girl”.

Alec Baldwin was defending his wife on Instagram when the scandal first broke out, but is now pulling out of the controversy. Alec shared the following on Twitter.

Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not a big party. Goodbye for now.

Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming.
Not a big party.
Goodbye for now.

– AlecBaldwin (HABF) (@AlecBaldwin), January 18, 2021

Alec’s fans immediately asked him not to leave and stay on social media. Alec has been extremely vocal about the Trump administration, and many find it strange that he would retire from social media at the height of Joe Biden’s impending inauguration, especially if President Trump is allegedly planning his own farewell event.

One person said this in response to Alec Baldwin’s announcement.

Don’t go, your wife has problems, not yours. You still have fans.

Another person had this to say.

So it’s okay if you point your finger but not if he points at you? That sounds plausible

Someone couldn’t help but point out Hilaria’s scandal.

Is everyone screaming or just revealing your wife’s decade on cultural appropriation and LYING? Because of your “fame”, you believe that the fact that she is an accomplished liar should be overlooked and you are angry because you cannot just buy your way out of this PR campaign.

What do you think of the entire Hilaria Baldwin scandal? Many people think that it puts a heavy strain on Hilaria and Alec’s marriage and that they cannot survive as a couple.

Are you surprised that Alec Baldwin is leaving Twitter just before Donald Trump leaves office and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are sworn in? Do you think Alec Baldwin should stay on social media? Do you think the real reason he’s leaving is because of Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish heritage scandal?


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