Promising Arsenal youngster Joe Willock was fortunate enough to flee without serious injury after footage was posted online of him hurling his $ 185,000 Mercedes into a ditch on a freeway ramp and losing a tire in the process.

Arsenal have been more than unlucky lately with the inconsistent shape of the last time, the smoldering situation with Mesut Ozil and the sharp firing of Gunnersaurus a few weeks ago, but they can count their lucky stars that the current situation hasn’t gotten worse lately has one of her greatest chances of a potentially serious car accident after the footage is taken.

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21-year-old Willock, who was on the sidelines of Mikel Arteta’s first team squad this season, said he was “shaken” after the accident while driving on the M25 motorway towards Arsenal’s training ground last weekend.

The video of the incident posted online shows the Englishman appearing to be driving at high speed before pulling onto a slip road to the motorway and losing control as the car turns right. Then he tries to correct the corner, but the car jerks violently into the middle of the road – and luckily there was no other traffic around him or the situation could have been far worse.

The car – now without the right rear tire – comes to a standstill off the road, the bonnet pointing into bushes. A passenger who soon came to Willock’s aid and described how he found the footballer to be “shaken, but okay”.

Hell, Joe Willock is really brave to still play that Leeds match. Car accidents can mess you up for weeks

– E #EndSars (@EtoBedlam) November 26, 2020

Arsenal’s Joe Willock was involved in a terrifying car accident after the Mercedes G-Wagon spiraled out of control on the M25 when he turned three lanes and locked a guardrail when he lost a wheel on his vehicle.

– Lilian Chan (@bestgug) November 26, 2020

“I didn’t know who he was. He was a little shaken, but okay,” the eyewitness told the Daily Mail.

“I got out of the car and went to his window, which was blacked out. You could see he was trying to come back from the edge.

“The rear wheel was missing, but you could see the hub spinning. He rolled down the window and I said, ‘You can’t go backwards.’ He gave a big scream.

“I said, ‘You went around the corner a little quickly’.

“He said, ‘I know I’m an idiot’. He said he was on his way to training for Arsenal. He got out and said, ‘Do you think it’s a write-off?’. I said, ‘Me me not an expert, but I think so – you have half a tree in your front bumper.

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The accident reportedly happened last Saturday afternoon – and it appears that Arsenal bosses weren’t too concerned about his physical condition after making a rare start in Sunday’s 0-0 draw with Leeds. However, questions have been asked as to whether the player informed his club of the crash after it was revealed Thursday that Arsenal “spoke” to him after footage of the crash went viral online.


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