While everyone grieves differently, there seems to be some tension around those closest to King Von after his death. Asian Doll, who repeatedly dated the Chicago rapper and was one of his youngest exes, has been grieving publicly since Friday.

But her grief may have struck a chord with King Von’s manager who was actually with him when he was shot and killed early Friday morning in Atlanta.

Asian Doll fired a series of tweets indicating that she had spoken to Von in the afterlife and that she knew his last words.

She tweeted, “The last word was, ‘you won’t let her get up on me … stop crying, let her get me.'”

Asian added, “They left my boy when he was unarmed and he would have knocked mfs down for them and made them insane AGAIN and AGAIN. I knew that my boy HERZ & TREUE was not deserved that he was fine. ”

“If you don’t get shot with Von or die, don’t help him … yes, boss, get her asap.”

King Von’s manager revealed that he didn’t like it when Asian Doll implied that he and others had pronounced Von dead. During an interview with DJ Akademiks, Von’s manager said he texted Asian Doll to let her know that she had to hit the brakes to talk about Von’s final moments because she wasn’t there.

He also revealed that Asian Doll texted him that she was speaking to Von through a “spiritual advisor.”

“So you’re talking to the dead now, Asian Doll,” Von’s manager said with a little sarcasm and skepticism.

Asian responded with a swear word through their IG Live. You can see below:

Asian Doll then deactivated her account.

Despite the drama, we genuinely hope that all parties involved keep the peace for King Von.


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