PARIS – An explosion wounded at least two people in an attack on a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday during a Remembrance Day ceremony organized by the French consulate.

Nathalie Goulet, a French senator and member of a parliamentary friendship group between France and the Gulf States, said an explosive device was apparently thrown in the cemetery. She said the two wounded had minor injuries.

The French Consul General in Jeddah, French expatriates and officials from countries such as Great Britain and Germany were among those attending the ceremony. But Mrs Goulet said she could not give any details about the identity of the wounded.

The attack followed several other attacks targeting France in recent weeks, while the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad were republished by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in September.

French President Emmanuel Macron has defended the cartoons as protected freedom of speech. But this fueled anger in the Muslim world and resulted in threats and demands from some countries to boycott French products.

Christophe-André Frassa, a senator representing French citizens living abroad, wrote on Twitter that “compatriots” in Jeddah were attacked during the ceremony commemorating the armistice at the end of World War I.

In late October, a Saudi national wounded a security guard in a knife attack on the French consulate in Jeddah. On the same day, a young Tunisian extremist killed three churchgoers in a basilica in Nice, France.


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