Australian professional surfer and artist Felicity Palmateer has released a new short film in which she rides the waves completely naked.

The 28-year-old selected the world’s best surfing locations, including Fiji, Hawaii, Australia and Wales, to direct the film over a three-year period.

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According to Palmateer, the four-minute project called “Skin Deep” combines her passion for art and surfing and helps explain her interpretation of freedom.

“By embracing my femininity, it helped me immensely with my self-esteem and self-acceptance,” said Palmateer.

“The ocean was my playground, it has shaped my life since I was young; just like art. I use both surfing and art as forms of meditation, motivation and escape. I feel most comfortable either in the water am surfing or creating, “she added.

Film producer Johnathan ‘JJ’ Jenkins, who is also Palmateer’s partner, said that finding locations for the film was a difficult task because not only would they need to choose ideal locations, but they would also need to make sure the surfer was comfortable when he appears naked.

“Many of the accessible surfing zones we considered are populated year-round, so it was very difficult to find ideal locations and take into account the weather and waves,” he said.


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