EXCLUSIVE: Highly sensitive employee information, including bank account details and home addresses, may have been breached after super-producer Banijay fell victim to a potentially serious hack late last week.

Banijay, the company behind global hits like MasterChef and Big Brother, had its IT systems compromised by a poor actor who demanded a ransom and potentially disclosed the personal information of hundreds if not thousands of employees.

resourcingstrategies believes that Endemol Shine Group’s systems, Banijay’s $ 2.2 billion acquisition, were breached in the cyberattack, and the company has notified the relevant authorities in the UK and the Netherlands.

The Temptation Island and Survivor production group is currently trying to determine how the technology was breached, who was affected, and what information was disclosed. It’s not about ransom demands.

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Employees were told it could contain bank account information and ID records such as passport information, but these have not yet been verified. The violation could also affect former employees who have yet to be notified.

resourcingstrategies learns that the hack has shut down internal systems, with the Banijay Rights sales arm being particularly affected. Cathy Payne, CEO of Banijay Rights, has kept her team informed of the incident.

A Banijay spokeswoman said: “The existing network of the Endemol Shine Group, which also includes Endemol Shine International, has been the subject of a cyber attack. We are currently investigating the matter and have no further comment at this point. “

The hack comes as Banijay takes on the integration of Banijay and Endemol Shine teams in 200 business units in 22 territories. It’s an important key to running smoothly.

In an exclusive interview last week, Marco Bassetti, CEO of Banijay, told resourcingstrategies that the acquisition of Endemol Shine now makes even more sense than it did 12 months ago and that he is investing € 25 million in the business over the coming months.


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