Spoiler alert: The story includes details about the ABC series premiere Big sky.

From its inception, ABC’s new mystery drama Big Sky, which marks David E. Kelley’s return to broadcast television, has been marketed as a three-hand, with posters starring Katheryn Winnick, Kylie Bunbury and Ryan Phillippe as the three main characters.

This was all a ploy to protect the big twist in the final seconds of the series premiere when Phillippe’s character is shot. The shocking ending appears to come out of nowhere as Winnick, Bunbury, and Phillippe’s characters spend the premiere going about their business – and their complicated relationships – with no sign of either of them being in danger.

“I was definitely shocked, and I think that got me excited too,” said Phillippe of his reaction to the turnaround when he offered the role during a panel last week. “So often in the conversation you can see what’s coming in a month and to have moments on a show like this where it takes your breath away when you’re absolutely shocked and didn’t see it coming is exciting for me . “

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Based on the book series by CJ Box, Big Sky follows an investigation into the abduction of two sisters on a remote highway in Montana. The premiere followed PI Cody Hoyt (Phillippe) and his partner Cassie Dewell (Bunbury) with Cody in the middle of a love triangle, which also includes his estranged wife Jenny (Winnick).

Bunbury gave her reaction when she got to the end of the pilot script.

“We read it and said, wow, Ryan’s fans are going to be pretty pissed off,” she said.

The former pitch star had the secret revealed in a Good Morning America interview Tuesday morning and spoiled the big twists hours before the premiere aired.

“I was also shocked and very excited that ABC would take such an opportunity to kill a star like Ryan,” she said of a stunned reaction from Winnick and Phillippe.

During the Big Sky panel, Winnick applauded the shock of the plot.

“I think it’s such an interesting way to open a series,” she said. “Obviously there is a lot of true love between us in many different ways, and no one expected it to end to this end.
And I think it’s a real opening up for ABC showing that they want to go for a more edgy cable feel. We gave them that in episode 1. “

Phillippe added, “And I think it sends the message that no one is safe on a show like this, so you really have to be careful and hope that the people you love stick with it.”

When asked if we saw the last of Cody’s, Phillippe said, “I’ll say it won’t be the last you will see or hear from him.” Bunbury cut in, “Flashbacks.”

Cody was shot dead by John Carroll Lynch’s state trooper Rick Legarski. There was a lot of blood, but no explicit confirmation that Cody was dead.

When asked for such confirmation, Phillippe was shy.

“You have to watch next week,” he said.


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