Ben Affleck caught social media attention again along the way! The actor struggled to balance a couple of packages and his coffee at the same time while his pants were ready to say goodbye!

Life is like that sometimes, especially for Ben Affleck lately it seems!

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The star was photographed disheveled trying its best to balance out a number of packages while sipping his favorite Dunkin coffee at the same time. He had a little accident, perhaps even more noticeable than the last, when he nearly dropped his coffees and donuts.

In images that quickly hit social media, Ben Affleck’s pants are slowly falling off as he had no practical way of packing them with all of the stuff he needed to hold.

It was definitely a delicate situation that happened right outside his LA home, and online users had a local day remembering the mishap again.

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At the same time, Ben didn’t seem too concerned about his bum being exposed and his packages barely able to be held as he was still careful to take a sip of the iced coffee that was badly balanced on the packages – impressive!

As he bent down to pack everything and bring it to his house, the actor’s Old Navy boxers showed on the back of his jeans and the paparazzi captured the moment.

The unshaven Ben also wore a black puffer jacket, the hood pulled over his head to protect him from the rain.

When he noticed that the photographers were standing nearby to catch him again in an embarrassing situation, Affleck gave them a small smile to prove that he didn’t mind.

These pictures don’t come too long after the actor and his almost one-year-old girlfriend Ana de Armas split up.

An insider previously told PEOPLE that it was a mutual decision and that they are simply “at different points in their life”.


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