With just seven days to go to the polls, a whopping 64.7 million US citizens have cast their votes.

  • Donald Trump fights in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska while Joe Biden drives to the one and only Republican bastion of Georgia.
  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will take an oath to newly confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
  • President Barack Obama travels to Florida for the second time to support Biden while Melania Trump holds the campaign’s first solo event in Pennsylvania.
  • More than 64.7 million US citizens have already cast their votes within seven days of the election.

Hello and welcome to Al Jazeera’s continued coverage of the US election. This is Joseph Stepansky

Amy Coney Barrett will receive the judicial oath from Chief Justice John Roberts in a private ceremony on Tuesday, cementing her place in the square.

Barrett’s first votes on the Supreme Court could include two big issues affecting the man who nominated them. The court is weighing a request from Trump to prevent the Manhattan District Attorney from getting his tax returns, as well as appeals from the Trump campaign and Republicans to set deadlines for receiving and counting postal ballot papers in the battlefield states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania shorten.

Barrett will also rule on all election-related challenges, as the Supreme Court did in the 2000 election between former President George Bush and former Vice President Al Gore.

Bloomberg Funds Late Biden Push In Texas, Ohio: Report

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to spend about $ 15 million in the last week of the campaign to help Biden defeat Trump in Texas and Ohio, the New York Times reported, citing a senior Adviser to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, who lost to Biden in a crowded Democratic nomination field, has pledged to spend up to $ 100 million of his personal fortune to support Biden’s campaign for the November 3rd election. He’s been targeting Florida as a state to push into the Biden column, and on Monday he agreed to add Texas and Ohio for a late night television commercial after his team submitted poll data showing them to be competitive is called it in the report.

It will also increase pro-biden advertising in Florida, the report said.

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