After President Trump tested positive, presidential candidate Joe Biden is focused on responding to coronavirus in the United States.

While President Donald Trump is being treated for COVID-19 in a military hospital, Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s election campaign wants to continue to focus on the nation’s response to the pandemic last month leading up to the presidential election.

Former Vice President Biden, who tested negative on Friday, three days after the debate with Trump, repeatedly wished the president a speedy recovery.

But Biden and his staff have used the president’s positive test to underline a consistent campaign message: Biden would handle the pandemic better than Trump.

Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said Sunday that Biden would continue to advocate for the remaining 30 days of the campaign that he “has the steady hand to get this country through this crisis”.

“It’s a choice between two different styles of leadership, and since the virus hit our shoreline in the spring, Joe Biden has led by example,” she told ABC, referring to the use of masks, social distancing and limiting numbers People at campaign events. “I think this is what Americans are looking for.”

US President Donald Trump works in a conference room while receiving treatment after testing positive for coronavirus disease [Joyce N Boghosia/The White House via Reuters]The United States has recorded 7.4 million coronavirus infections and more than 209,000 deaths from the pandemic, more than any other nation. Trump had a brief opportunity to turn the public focus off COVID-19 when the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month gave him the opportunity to designate a third lifelong Supreme Court appointment before his own Illness took the limelight again, illness.

Biden is slated to camp out in Florida on Monday, where polls show a tough race to win the crucial 29 votes of the state’s electoral college.

Voting is already in full swing – according to the election project at the University of Florida, more than 3.3 million ballots were cast nationwide by Sunday – as more and more Americans vote early or by mail so as not to be exposed to the virus at overcrowded polling stations on Election Day , November 3rd.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted on October 2-3 after the president tested positive for the coronavirus found that Biden leads Trump by 10 percentage points nationwide, and nearly two-thirds of Americans thought Trump was likely not been infected if he had taken the virus more seriously.

Biden’s campaign ran TV and online ads targeting Trump, which Bedingfield said reflected the candidate’s belief in “courtesy”.

Trump’s campaign said Saturday that high-profile allies including Vice President Mike Pence would take over the personal campaign this week [Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo]Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller on Sunday continued the campaign’s attacks on Biden’s careful handling of the virus, saying Biden used protective masks “as a prop.”

“We can’t all stay in our basement for the rest of our lives,” Miller said

“This week” is also pushing back against criticism of Trump because he has taken no further precautions to protect himself and others from the virus. “We have to get out of there and live our lives and accept that.”

It remains uncertain when Trump will return to campaigning, if at all, and whether he will be able to attend the second presidential debate on October 15.

Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate and Senator Kamala Harris will be debating Mike Pence this week [File: David Becker/Reuters]Trump’s campaign on Saturday said high-profile allies including Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s older sons Donald Jr and Eric would take over the personal campaign this week.

Pence, who tested negative on Friday, is due to debate Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Wednesday.


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