If you miss the old days rushing home from school to tune into your favorite BET show. Don’t worry, it looks like Mr. 106 & Park is working on bringing some of the classic shows back on the network.

On Monday, Bow Wow shared his desire to bring back the video countdown show “106 & Park” with some new updates. He went to his twitter and said, “My first mission is to bring 106 & Park back! When BET decides to take this meeting with me … who would you like to host? “

He continued, “My only dream job now is to take on BET. I want a high position. I was blessed to host but NOW I want an office. I want to run and create content for the network. I know what they are missing. All you have to do is listen to people. “

He then initiated the conversation in the new “Clubhouse” social networking app in order to discuss the matter further.

On Monday night, Bow Wow announced that he would have an upcoming meeting with the network. “Big meeting this week with BET, we’re going somewhere. 1st step! Let’s go, ”said Bow Wow.

He first introduced the idea of ​​bringing back 106 & Park, but made it clear that there were other shows that he wanted to bring back on the network as well.

“I just want everyone to know it’s not just 106 or a show with that concept,” he said. “It’s bringing more music and music shows to the network and hip-hop documentaries like the Chronicle series, followed by more hip-hop content.”

He continued, “We have to bring the Youth Summit back. We need to do more with our HBCUs. We have to do shows and content that speak to us. We need a rap city show back. Along with original shows. We’re making a couple of big jumps. Let’s get it. “

As many of you know, Bow Wow received the title “Mr. 106 & Park ”at the beginning of his career after being the first artist to pull his music video off the countdown. Years later, he hosted the show from 2012 to 2014.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94


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