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Breonna Taylor, 26, was a paramedic

Tapes of the grand jury’s deliberations in the case of a black American woman killed in a police operation at her home in Kentucky are due to be released.

Breonna Taylor’s death in March has become a central theme in protests against police brutality and racism.

The jury ruled that no officers should be charged with her death. The tapes are secret, but a judge has requested publication.

Kentucky’s attorney general said he was confident the tapes would show his team had presented a “thorough case”.

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Ms. Taylor, an emergency medic, was shot dead when officers stormed her Louisville home on March 13. They carried out a search warrant as part of a drug investigation, but no drugs were found on the property.

Last week, an officer was charged with wanton harm for shooting into an adjacent apartment, but no one has been charged in connection with Ms. Taylor’s death.

Her death and subsequent decision not to charge an officer with murder or manslaughter have sparked repeated protests against Black Lives Matter in Louisville and elsewhere.

Why are the tapes released?

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said in a statement that while the grand jury should be a secret organ, “it is evident that the public interest in this case will not allow it”.

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Media signatureKentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron presented the decision to the grand jury

He said he was obeying a judge’s order to “publish the recording on Wednesday”.

Mr. Cameron said, “As soon as the public hears the recording, they will see that our team has submitted a thorough and complete case to the grand jury within two and a half days.”

This is followed by a lawsuit from a member of the grand jury demanding that the proceedings be published.

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Media signatureProtesters march in Louisville following the grand jury’s decision

The unnamed Grand Juror sued for the tapes to be published after Mr. Cameron publicly commented on the judges’ decisions.

The Grand Juror’s lawsuit denies some of his statements, stating that the jurors were used as “a shield to divert accountability and responsibility”.

Breonna Taylor’s family has also called for the tapes to be released.

A statement from the family and their attorneys Tuesday said the grand juror’s actions supported their belief that Mr. Cameron had misrepresented the judges’ reasoning.

“We urge the Attorney General to publish a full and unedited copy of the recording along with all evidence,” it said.

What did the jury decide?

Mr Cameron said he believed evidence presented to the jury showed that officers Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove were entitled to open fire because they were shot by Kenneth Walker, Ms. Taylor’s friend.

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Brett Hankison was released from the police force in June

He said, “Because of this, only wanton exposure was recommended.”

Former detective Brett Hankison has been charged on three counts and pleaded not guilty.

Kentucky law states that a person is guilty of willful harm if he or she commits an act which shows “an extreme indifference to the worth of human life.”

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Media signature“Being a black woman right now is painful”: activist and businesswoman Yandy Smith-Harris reacts to the Breonna Taylor case


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