“When Antonio came to us, it was clear to us what we had expected and asked of him,” said the privateers. “So far he has met all our expectations.”

No charges were brought in the alleged incident, although Hollywood, Florida police reportedly determined that there was a likely reason to charge Brown with criminal offenses. The Herald’s police report said the President of the Homeowners Association at Brown’s condominium refused to bring charges because she feared he might “retaliate against their employees.”

HOA President Sylvia Berman denied to the newspaper that she and her staff were “afraid” of Brown. Instead, she said the episode was considered too minor to warrant charges and that Brown had agreed to swap cameras.

A Brown spokeswoman said the incident stemmed from attempts by Brown’s friends and family to get through a visitor gate and that all issues “have been resolved completely, amicably, and get on well together.”

“Antonio regrets that he lost his cool that day and that the HOA made amends,” the spokeswoman told the Herald. “However, he is rightly concerned that he is routinely attacked by some people for abuse and inappropriateness for being Antonio Brown. He wants to be a good neighbor, a good citizen, and a good teammate. ”

The NFL suspended Brown in July for multiple violations of its Code of Conduct. This related to allegations made by one woman that he sent her a threatening text message after she refused his unwanted advances. Another factor in the league’s decision was an incident in January involving Brown and the driver of a moving truck at his Hollywood residence. This resulted in battery charges, burglary of an unoccupied carriage and criminal mischief for the broad recipient.

Brown was given a two-year probationary period in this case and was directed to take an anger management course. It’s not clear whether the most recent episode, which reportedly took place on October 15, may be in breach of the terms of that parole.

The NFL has not completed an investigation into another woman’s allegations that Brown raped and sexually assaulted her in separate incidents in 2017 and 2018. The woman filed a lawsuit against Brown due to be tried in December.

When the Buccaneers added Brown, it appeared to be a change of heart from head coach Bruce Arians, who worked as a Pittsburgh assistant with the wide receiver and previously described Brown as a “diva” and “not fitting our locker room.” ”

After signing, Arians said of the six-time pro bowler, “He screwed up once, he’s gone. I don’t think he’ll do it because he wants to play. ”

Brown, who was out of the NFL for over a year after its release by New England in September 2019, said earlier this month, “I’ve taken a lot of time to reassess myself, look inside, and get better at perspective on myself and work on myself inside and outside. ”

According to the police report obtained from the Herald, Brown “approached the guard hut and began beating one of the surveillance cameras, breaking it.” At another point during that episode, police said Brown “threw his bike against the guard gate’s arm,” causing the arm to get stuck in an open position.

Brown has remained close to quarterback Tom Brady since they were brief Patriots teammates to the point that Brady Brown opened his rented house in Tampa to ease the latter’s transition to his new team. Arians denied Brady pushing for Brown to be added last month, pointing instead to the possibility of adding “a Pro Bowl-type player.”

“AB brings another dynamic to our team that we don’t have,” Arians said at the time (via NBC Sports). “I owe it to the rest of our players to put together the best possible team. I don’t see any problems.

“I don’t expect a situation where he and I will have a problem. He knows that this is a very short-lived contract. ”


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