The day after California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new Regional Stay at Home plan that will go into effect tomorrow, the state reported a 16% increase in new daily Covid-19 infections 22,018. It is the second record high this week. The other was the 20,759 on Wednesday. There were 18,591 new infections on Thursday.

For comparison, California reported on November 4th. 4,566 new daily Covid infections. A month later, that number has increased by almost 80%.

The jump from Thursday to Friday this week is one of the biggest day-to-day cases of the pandemic. Only two others are higher, one in August and one Tuesday through Wednesday of that week.

On Thursday Newsom said it had “pulled an emergency brake” and announced a “regional” home stay order in California based on available ICU capacity in a region.

California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Announces

The lockdown divides the state into 5 regions: Northern California, Southern California, the San Joaquin Valley, the Bay Area, and Greater Sacramento.

The stay at home order that comes into effect on Saturday applies to regions where ICU capacity falls below 15%. Los Angeles County only had 122 such beds as of Wednesday; Imperial County only had two ICU beds available on Thursday; and counties in the state’s Central Valley. Newsom said four of the five regions, including Southern California, would be below the 15% threshold in intensive care earlier this month. The fifth region, the Bay Area, is on track to reach that threshold by mid-December.

As part of the stay at home order, retail is still allowed, but with a maximum capacity of 20%. Bars, wineries, personnel service companies, hairdressing salons and barber shops are to be closed. Schools with exemptions can remain open, along with “critical infrastructure”. Restaurants are limited to take-out and delivery services only.

Newsom also said that all non-essential travel would be “suspended”.

Regions that fall below the 15% ICU threshold have 24 hours to adhere to restrictions.


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