“Acting chief Yogananda Pittman has ordered that any member of her department whose behavior does not conform to the department’s code of conduct will be subjected to appropriate discipline,” department spokesman John Stolnis told CNN.

CNN reported in January that the USCP had been investigating at least 10 officers and two more had been suspended.

One of the suspended officers took a selfie with someone who was part of the mob who overtook the Capitol, according to Rep. Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat. Another wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and started showing people around the building, Ryan said.

Last month, Pittman said the department was “actively reviewing video and other open source materials from some USCP officials that appear to violate the department’s rules and guidelines.”

The suspensions and investigations come at a time of civil turmoil in the department as officers continue to grapple with the uprising that led to the death of officer Brian Sicknick. Capitol Police members passed a vote of no confidence in the armed forces leaders earlier this month. At least seven officials in five other departments in the country have been investigated internally as their presence in Washington during the attack comes to light through social media or otherwise.

An officer in New York, one in Philadelphia, two in Seattle, two in Virginia, and one in Texas are being investigated by their departments for possible rule violations. In addition, several departments have been contacted by the FBI as part of their criminal investigations into the Capitol overflow.

The number can rise as investigators and the public browse social media and raise allegations that officials may have been involved in the siege.

This story was updated with additional information on Thursday.


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