No matter. The Cardinals spent almost all of the 10 minutes of overtime. But they held out and beat the Seahawks from their undefeated ranks with a 37:34 triumph in a Sunday Night Football thriller in Arizona.

Kicker Zane Gonzalez’s 48-yard field goal with a 15 second lead in extra time finally won it for the Cardinals. Gonzalez linked the game with a 44-yard field goal when normal time was up, but missed from 41 yards on the second-down kick earlier in overtime.

Losing for the first time in six games this season, the Seahawks had a catch of 48 yards and ran in extra time for a touchdown from Metcalf, which was undone by a penalty. Wilson then threw his third interception to Arizona rookie linebacker Isaiah Simmons to lead to Gonzalez’s game-winning kick.

“I didn’t feel we would ever lose this game,” Cardinal quarterback Kyler Murray told NBC afterward.

“Really?” How was that possible?

“Just the flow of the game, the feel of the game,” said Murray. “You had to play down here.”

The two teams joined forces for a total of 1,091 yards of attack, 572 from the Seahawks and 519 from the Cardinals. Wilson had three touchdown passes – all to Lockett – to go with his three interceptions in a 33-for-50, 388-yard pass performance. He linked Peyton Manning’s NFL record for most touchdown passes with 22 in his team’s first six games in a season. Wilson also ran 84 yards. Lockett had 15 catches for 200 yards.

And somehow all this offense wasn’t enough for the Seahawks. Quoting the mistakes, Wilson said in a post-game video press conference: “Other than that, we played a great game.”

The Seahawks were ranked last in overall defense in the NFL and did nothing on Sunday night to help their cause.

“At this point I have no words for you,” said linebacker Bobby Wagner in a video conference after the game. “We either do it or we don’t.”

Murray threw an interception but had three touchdown passes for the Cardinals, who improved to 5-2. Murray threw past for 360 yards at 34-for-48. He also ran 67 yards and a touchdown.

Two of Murray’s touchdown passes went to wide receiver Christian Kirk. The other went to DeAndre Hopkins, who had 10 catches for 103 yards. Larry Fitzgerald, an Arizona recipient, became the only player in NFL history to join Jerry Rice with 1,400 career catches.

Despite all of these offensive exploits, the game of the night may have been Metcalf, tracking, capturing, and tackling the safety of Cardinals Budda Baker.

Metcalf’s attack on Baker at the 8-yard line after a 90-yard return from Baker after an interception of a Wilson pass in the first half saved the Seahawks a touchdown. The Seattle defense followed with a stand on the goal line, forcing Murray to incomplete fourth and goal in the end zone.

It reminded me that Darrell Green chased Tony Dorsett in 1983 and Ben Watson caught Champ Bailey among others in 2006. Metcalf reached 22.64 mph and covered 114.8 meters according to Next Gen Stats. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told NBC at halftime it was the “game of the century”.

But in the end it wasn’t enough for Seattle, as the Cardinals, not the Seahawks, made the biggest games at the crucial moments.

October 26, 2020 at 12:21 am EDT

Cardinals defeated Seahawks with a field goal late in overtime

By Mark mask

The Arizona Cardinals finally won it.

The Cardinals scored a 48-yard field goal from Zane Gonzalez. In the 10-minute extra time there were 15 seconds left to defeat the Seattle Seahawks 37:34.

Gonzalez linked the game with a 44-yard field goal when regular time was up. He missed extra time from 41 meters earlier when coach Kliff Kingsbury decided to step up to second place.

The Seahawks had a touchdown catch that would win the game and were negated by DK Metcalf with a suspension penalty in extra time. Quarterback Russell Wilson then threw an interception. (End result: Cardinals 37, Seahawks 34)

October 26, 2020 at 12:12 am EDT

Russell Wilson intercepted after DK Metcalf’s touchdown was negated

By Mark mask

Russell Wilson threw linebacker Isaiah Simmons off. The game came after a potential touchdown catch executed by DK Metcalf was undone by a hold penalty against the Seahawks. (Seahawks 34, Cardinals 34, 0:57 left in overtime)

October 26, 2020 at 12:04 am EDT

Cardinals miss overtime field goal

By Mark mask

Overtime continues. Cardinal kicker Zane Gonzalez missed a 41-yard field goal attempt and pushed the ball far to the left. (Seahawks 34, Cardinals 24, 2:44 in overtime)

October 25, 2020 at 11:48 p.m. EDT

Cardinals force overtime with a field goal as time is running out in regulation

By Mark mask

The game is geared towards overtime. Arizona scored a 44-yard field goal from kicker Zane Gonzalez when normal time was up. The Cardinals forced the Seahawks into a punt and moved 54 yards in less than a minute to set up the kick. (Seahawks 34, Cardinals 34 at the end of the 4th quarter)

Oct 25, 2020 at 11:37 pm EDT

Cardinals get touchdown after Seahawk’s penalty on the field goal

By Mark mask

Kyler Murray tossed an 8-yard touchdown pass to receiver Christian Kirk when the Cardinals refused to surrender while taking their time. The trip was extended by a personal foul by Benson Mayowa of Seattle on a successful Cardinals field goal. (Seahawks 34, Cardinals 31 with 2:28 in the 4th quarter)

Oct 25, 2020 at 11:22 p.m. EDT

The third touchdown from Wilson to Lockett occurs on reversal of the repetition

By Mark mask

The Seahawks achieved revenue with a fourth touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to wide receiver Tyler Lockett thanks to an instant reversal of the replay. Lockett made a miraculous catch in the back of the end zone on the fourth and second of the 3-yard line, clearing one foot and dragging his other foot across the grass just inside the line. The officials originally decided the game as a touchdown, then changed their minds and called it an incompleteness. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll challenged and got the reverse. It was Wilson’s third Lockett touchdown in the game. Seattle had to move 45 yards past security Quandre Diggs’ interception of a Kyler Murray pass on the game after Wilson threw an intercept. (Seahawks 34, Cardinals 24 with 6:44 in the 4th quarter)

October 25, 2020 at 10:59 p.m. EDT

Russell Wilson tosses Patrick Peterson a choice

By Mark mask

Russell Wilson threw his second interception of the night. His pass sailed over the head of wide receiver DK Metcalf and was grabbed in the end zone by Cardinal cornerback Patrick Peterson. (Seahawks 27, Cardinals 24 at 12:18 in the 4th quarter)

October 25, 2020 at 10:49 p.m. EDT

Kyler Murray’s touchdown brings Cards closer after a controversial call

By Mark mask

Kyler Murray snaked around the Seahawks defenders, dipping the ball to the goal line for a five-yard touchdown run when the Cardinals, aided by a controversial late-hit call in Seattle, scooped the first points the second half came closer.

The 93-yard drive through Arizona was extended by an unnecessary roughness penalty against Seahawk’s linebacker Bobby Wagner for a hit against Cardinal’s close end Dan Arnold after a third incompleteness. Former NFL referee Terry McAulay, a rules analyst for NBC, said on the program that he disagreed with the call, “I just don’t think it was a foul.” (Seahawks 27, Cardinals 24, 2:59 in the third quarter)

Oct 25, 2020 at 10:30 p.m. EDT

DK Metcalf’s “Game of the Century” highlights the frenetic Seahawks cards of the first half

By Mark mask

How great was that first half? Quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns. Both went to receiver Tyler Lockett, who had eight catches for 133 yards. The Seahawks collected a total of 377 meters attack and led the Cardinals (27-17) in “Sunday Night Football” in Arizona.

Yet the best game was made by Seahawk’s broad receiver DK Metcalf, who caught and attacked Cardinal’s safety Budda Baker in one of the NFL’s biggest car chases. It reminded me of Darrell Green, who chased Tony Dorsett in 1983, or Ben Watson, who caught Champ Bailey in 2006, among others. Metcalf’s touchdown-saving tackle on Baker’s 90-yard interception return looked even more important after a stand-line stand by the Seattle defense. The Cardinals failed due to an incompleteness of fourth and gate.

Metcalf reached 22.64 mph and covered 114.8 meters according to Next Gen Stats. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told NBC at halftime it was the “game of the century”.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray tossed two touchdown passes in the first half, and Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald made his 1,400th career catch. He and Jerry Rice are the only two NFL players to ever reach this milestone. The Cardinals got a little closer with a 49-yard field goal from Zane Gonzalez when time ran out in the half. (Seahawks 27, Cardinals 17 at halftime)

Oct 25, 2020 at 10:07 p.m. EDT

Cardinals’ Isaiah Irving injured on kickoff return

By Mark mask

Arizona’s Isaiah Irving was injured on the return of the Cardinals and taken from the field on a stretcher. He was seen moving his extremities.

October 25, 2020 at 9:57 p.m. EDT

Seahawks respond with a long touchdown from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett

By Mark mask

It was Russell Wilson’s turn to do something great in this hectic, paced first half. He committed to a 47-yard touchdown pass to broad receiver Tyler Lockett with a targeted moon ball of a deep throw. (Seahawks 27, Cardinals 14, 0:43 left in Q2)

October 25, 2020 at 9:50 p.m. EDT

Kyler Murray’s touchdown pass brings Cardinals closer

By Mark mask

The Cardinals won’t make it easy for the Seahawks. Kyler Murray threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Christian Kirk. (Seahawks 20, Cardinals 14, 1:14 in the second quarter)

October 25, 2020 at 9:39 p.m. EDT

Carlos Hyde’s touchdown run makes a 97-yard drive for Seahawks

By Mark mask

The Seahawks extended their lead with a 24-yard touchdown from Carlos Hyde, who pitched out to the left and managed to stay within bounds on the way to the end zone along the sideline. Seattle moved 97 yards after the Cardinals’ fourth stop, following wide receiver DK Metcalf’s touchdown-saving attack on Budda Baker’s interception return. (Seahawks 20, Cardinals 7, 4:04 in Q2)

October 25, 2020 at 9:33 p.m. EDT

Cardinals get nothing when Kyler incompletely throws Murray in fourth place

By Mark mask

The Cardinals failed in a try with four goals from the 3-yard line in Seattle when Kyler Murray pulled back and incompletely threw into the end zone. The Seattle Defense’s goal-line score underscored the importance of Seahawks recipient DK Metcalf’s touchdown-saving tackle on Arizona security Budda Baker’s 90-yard interception return. The Cardinals started at the 8-yard line in Seattle and ended up with nothing to show. (Seahawks 13, Cardinals 7, 6:43 in the second quarter)


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