Authorities released a video of an abandoned newborn baby discovered by paramedics at Hamad International Airport.

Authorities have released footage of the moment a newborn baby girl was found abandoned at Qatar’s main airport on October 2.

One-minute, 17-second surveillance camera footage, taped on Wednesday by local Doha News website, shows the child wrapped in a blue blanket when he was discovered by paramedics at Hamad International Airport.

“The footage emerged just hours after Doha confirmed the start of an immediate investigation into the incident,” Doha News said in its report.

The baby was recovered from a toilet where it was “hidden in a plastic bag and buried in trash,” according to a statement from the Government Communications Office.

An immediate investigation into the incident was launched, which subjected at least 13 Australian female passengers to internal audits – a move the Qatar government described as “offensive” and “grossly inappropriate”. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said female passengers on 10 flights were affected.

A spokesman for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce told Al Jazeera that “18 female passengers … were involved in the incident” on a flight to Sydney on October 2. 13 were Australians and five were of other nationalities.

The women on the Qatar Airways flight to Sydney “had their genitals examined invasively without their consent,” the Seven News network reported on Sunday. No explanation was given to the passengers before the “stripe search” began.

A man aboard the flight, QR908, told ABC News in Australia that many of the women taken off the flight for investigation were visibly upset on their return.

“One of them had tears in her eyes, a younger woman, and people couldn’t believe what had happened,” said Wolfgang Babeck.

The New South Wales Transport Workers’ Union, whose members operate Qatar Airways planes at Sydney Airport, said Tuesday it was considering industrial action against the airline over “the brutal assault on the human rights of Australian women passengers.”

“Other affected countries absolutely share Australia’s views and the strength of Australia’s views,” said Frances Adamson, secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. “This is not normal behavior and the Qataris recognize it and are appalled by it, do not want it to happen again.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Doha condemned the inappropriate behavior, saying it regretted “any distress or violation of a traveler’s personal freedoms caused by this action”.

The authorities are now looking for the woman in a criminal case that could be an attempted murder.

The Qatar government communications bureau said the baby is “now safe in Doha under medical care”.


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