In its first results last week, the 13-person committee placed the state of Ohio in fourth place in an expected four-team playoff. At this point Ohio State was 4-0, with No. 5 Texas A & M (5-1), No. 6 Florida (6-1), No. 7 Cincinnati (8-0) and No. 8 Northwestern ( 5: 0). 0) right after it. After Ohio State’s visit to Illinois was canceled on Saturday because of the Buckeyes’ positive coronavirus tests in their program population, Ohio State is still 4-0.

A lot of this happens in 2020.

Texas A & M played a seventh game against LSU and left 6-1. Florida played an eighth game against Kentucky and went 7-1. Cincinnati and Northwestern have made the puzzle a little easier. The Bearcats stayed 8-0 after failing to play Temple due to coronavirus and the Wildcats fell to 5-1 after their surprise loss in Michigan state. What a tough day for cats.

All of this likely means the state of Ohio will remain in custody. The committee may not consider a 20-7 home win over an uneven LSU that Texas A&M just scored, or a 34-10 home win over a struggling Kentucky like Florida just got it, as something worthwhile is to push one of the two teams past the state of Ohio. However, it is worth a look to see how unbalanced the records must be before the number of wins on a page just weighs too much.

Anyone can watch the state of Ohio and see its high profile skills. It’s just that nobody has seen Ohio State that much this season. Will the scheduled bout in Michigan state start at noon as planned?

Last season, the state of Ohio made its debut at number 1 on the top rankings. LSU replaced it in week # 2 after the victory in Alabama. LSU stopped for week # 3 before going to Ohio State, Ohio State, and LSU for the final three weeks after LSU searched Georgia. This kind of thing is an improvement on the old system where an undefeated team at the top tended to stay on top regardless of the caliber of the victim that team # 2 just overthrew.

In this light, it is also interesting to see how the peak comes on Tuesday evening. # 1 Alabama has just given Auburn a 42-13 comeuppance for past sins like beating Alabama last year while coach Nick Saban was at home after his own positive coronavirus test. (How should a committee weigh such a thing?)

Notre Dame # 2 just made it 9-0 with an impressive 31-17 win in North Carolina. The committee was in 19th place. The win showed the kind of big-boy muscle that some of the previous Notre Dame teams had accused of lack. A psychedelic offense in North Carolina spent the second half goalless. The seals were blown and scattered across the field. Alabama won at home against a team in 22nd place, Notre Dame on the street against a team in 19th place. Could the committee pull another transposition?

Otherwise the curiosities seem tame. Could BYU (9-0) get a little jump after jumping in 14th place last week, even after not playing? Where to place Iowa State (7-2) who just won the No. at the time. 17 Texas, what could that be interpreted now? One thing is certain in a year when certain conferences started late for health reasons: No. 16 Wisconsin only stays 2-1 after it didn’t play last week, No. 18 Southern California only stays 3-0 after it didn’t last week has played. and unranked Washington are just 3-0 after a sweeping comeback against Utah last week.

These guys are all hard to rate.


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