After many months of absence from his son and baby mom, Ammika Harriswhile the two were stuck in Germany in the middle of quarantine, Chris Brown I had to reunite with them and they even went on a trip! As you may know, they had a wonderful vacation in Tulum, Mexico, but now that it’s over Chris supposedly already misses them!

A source told HollywoodLife that he is back home and more focused on working on new music, but that he cannot stop and think a lot about his ex-flame and child.

Additionally, the source stressed that he really wants to bring his entire family back together, and that includes his firstborn daughter Royalty, 6.

At this point, this is a pretty difficult goal to achieve, as Ammika and her son are back in Germany after the Tulum vacation, where they even celebrated the boy’s first birthday.

At least he has the memories of Tulum to comfort him from his son through the weeks or maybe even months that might follow.

The source told the news agency that ‘Ammika and Aeko are back in Germany so they’re making long distance calls again but they face FaceTime every day so they stay very connected. It’s hard for Chris to be apart from them, he already misses them, but he has to work so he has to go home. The trip was really good for her. They had time to connect and spend time as a family and it was really good. He’s very happy with how things went and I’m sure he’ll find a way to see her again soon. ‘

‘This trip was essential for Chris to have time with Aeko and Ammika as well. Not only for him, but also for the royal family and for his mother [Joyce Hawkins]. They all love Aeko, and it is crucial that Aeko feels as much part of the family as the royalty does. ‘


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