Ammika Harris looks amazing in a see-through dress. She shared a post on her social media account that has some pictures and a short clip in it.

In the clip, Ammika shows fans some really sensual dance moves, and you can check them out below too.

Someone said, “Your AURA is beautiful” and a commenter posted this message, “When your aura speaks for itself”.

One follower said, “Wow how the universe works, I had one of the hardest weeks of my life and that message only brightened my soul. Synchronicity is very real. Just felt the chills on my back. Many Thanks. «

One commenter wrote, “You are so pretty, it’s the natural glow to me,” and someone else said, “Oh my god, you are so pretty!” Hope you are well and have a nice day love! ❤️ ‘

Another follower said, “Oh honey, you are just beautiful and breathtaking. Any color will work for you ‘”, and someone else wrote,” Just don’t really understand why you two really broke up. “

Someone else said, “I hate the way you famous people raising families and separating smh” and another follower wrote this: “Wonderful, there are people who will regret losing such a woman.”

On other news, Chris Brown’s baby mom Ammika Harris shared some new pictures of her flaunting a black dress. It looks great and literally glows from the inside out. Look at the pictures.

“Can we talk about the light? We captured that with the iPhone 11 front camera,” she wrote her post.

Plus, Ammika Harris managed to impress her fans with all sorts of juicy pictures that she shared on her social media account. Check out the latest black and white models.


Other than that, Ammika lives her best life with her and Chris’ baby Aeko.

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