Armie Hammer has been in the headlines repeatedly over the past few weeks, although the nature of the allegations against him is confusing. No charges have been brought against the actor and some of the allegations have been described as “silly,” including claims that he was a cannibal.

In any case, according to page 6, there seems to be some impact on his career. The outlet reported this weekend that a film about to be released has its directors concerned that Armie is starring in it. They fear that the actor’s media fiasco will negatively affect the numbers.

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Armie reportedly had to abstain from a number of productions including The Offer and Shotgun Wedding, although the actor suggested leaving not because of the controversy but because he wanted to spend more time with the family.

A source speaking with the outlet stated that it would have taken too many months to re-shoot Armie’s role in Crisis with Hammer and Gary Oldman, so decided to keep it at the end of the day. “This film doesn’t have that big of a budget,” the source explained before claiming it would take another 8-12 weeks to make it again.

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Additionally, another insider says it would be almost impossible to eliminate Armie’s role in the film since he’s a central point in the plot, especially that he’s the man women fight over and it would be awkward to expensive and time consuming to suddenly replace it.

The insider joked that Armie was a “charming snake in the movie” so the controversy wouldn’t hurt the movie, in fact it might even help, the source said. Armie is also currently reported to appear in a Broadway play but has been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A source close to the theater scene stated that Broadway has always been a very competitive place but they “don’t eat other people”, obviously referring to the side of the allegations allegedly challenging Mr. Hammer as a “cannibal” .



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