Actress Tina Louise, forever associated with Dawn Wells, Gilligan’s Island castmate, today remembered her as “a very wonderful person.”

Wells died today at the age of 82 of complications from Covid-19.

Louise has held back on Gilligan’s Island over the years, refusing to appear on revivals or reboots, or even discussing the show, which ended in 1967 but lives on in syndication.

Speaking on Twitter and later the New York Post, Louise said she wanted everyone to remember Wells’ sunny mood.

“Dawn was a very wonderful person. I want people to remember her as someone who always had a smile on their face, ”Louise told the New York Post. “Nothing is more important than family and she was a family. She will always be remembered. “

Louise heard the news of Wells’ death while on the phone with a friend. “Nobody wants that kind of news – especially not with this terrible disease.”

She is now the last surviving member of the cast who made a “three-hour tour” a television landmark during its first run from 1964 to 1967.

“We were part of the wonderful show that everyone loves and that has been a great source of comfort, especially in these times,” said Louise.

And in response to that age-old “Ginger or Mary Ann” debate, Louise refused to vote. “There is a character for every person. Everyone can identify with another person, ”she said. “We have always been a family. She had enormous fans. “

I will always remember Dawn’s kindness to myself. Together we have created a cultural landmark that will continue to bring comfort and smile to people in this difficult time. I hope people remember her as I do – always with a smile on their face. ❤️

– Tina Louise (@TheTinaLouise) December 31, 2020


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