Diddy talks about taking back the land. Just check out the post he shared on his social media account.

‘STATE OF EMERGENCY 🚨 Tune in at 8:30 p.m. tonight. EST @tamikadmallory delivers a timely and meaningful STATE OF EMERGENCY message to the black community and discusses the importance of ongoing engagement in the struggle for social justice.

@REVOLTTV & YOUTUBE.COM/REVOLTTV @UNTILFREEDOM ‘Diddy has given his post a title.

Someone said, “It’s a shame you voted for Joe because he didn’t go to do anything damned. At least under Trump, undeclared unemployment was low, he let thousands out of jail with prison reforms and funded HBCUs, but the media won’t tell you or that it was Joe who put black people in jail with his 93 crime bill 🤦🏽‍♂️ ‘

One follower said, “So should people who never owned slaves pay reparations to people who never were slaves? What about the Irish, Chinese and Italians who helped build this country? Why not ask the people in Africa whose ancestors sold black people to pay? ‘

One fan wrote: ‘Point Blank to the Period. Planemia for the pandemic. «

A fan said: ‘# bidenharris2020🇺🇸 voted, we came out for #change, we need help !! Come and see for yourself #presidentbiden. Help the people of #USA. ‘

In other news, Diddy posted a message about the greatest rapper of all time. Check out what he said in this post that he shared on his IG account.

‘I have a story to tell on March 1st, THE GREATEST RAPPER EVER will share his origin story on @Netflix. This documentary celebrates its life and legacy in a way the WORLD has never seen before. My brother D Roc @invisiblebully_ I’m proud of you King !!!!!!!! It was an honor to do this together with @volettawallace and @bystormpitts #BIGFOREVER !!!!!! #IGotAStoryToTell, ”Diddy wrote.

Fans appreciated his contribution.


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