That Sunday night, the Golden Globes went down via a virtual ceremony, but several reports have shown that they weren’t as successful as producers and networks had hoped. The New York Post confirmed this week that the show has made a remarkable leap in rating in this world after the coronavirus.

resourcingstrategies reported this Tuesday that although many viewers are at home these days, they chose not to watch it Golden Globeswhich, according to Nielsen’s analyzes and data, has dropped to just 6.9.

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According to The Post, around 18.3 million people lived for the Golden Globes last year, down around 2% year over year. The best year ever for the Golden Globes was 2004 with around 27 million viewers.

According to reports, people between the ages of 18 and 49 have rushed to retire from the Golden Globes and other awards ceremonies.

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Some critics have stated that politics played a role in this, while others say it was simply due to the decline in cable television and the rise in streaming. For example, a large part of the US population has a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + or Hulu. Some viewers even prefer to watch YouTube videos rather than TV series.

According to the New York Post, although viewership dropped significantly this year, the show went down without a hitch, despite the fact that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were hosted via video chat from various sites in the United States.

While the Golden Globes had to be hosted virtually, previous reports, including this one from Nick Markus, suggested that the Oscars could be held in front of a live audience in the coming months. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 25th.

A source who spoke to Variety stated that the show would not take place virtually, although coronavirus is still a problem in parts of the United States of America. The insider went on to say that there would definitely be an “Oscars in-person show” sometime in 2021.



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