Argentine legend Diego Maradona was sedated after suffering “confusion” related to alcohol withdrawal. Doctors admitted that they “have to take the bull by the horns” as it remains in hospital in Buenos Aires.

The legendary striker had emergency surgery on a blood clot in his brain on Tuesday and will need “permanent help” as soon as he leaves the hospital. Experts who take care of him have pushed for it.

Concerned Maradona had reportedly danced in his room and asked for treatment to be stopped after the operation. These have been terrible experts who have tried to help him since leaving a game on Saturday with Gimnasia, the club he coaches.

The 60-year-old was given a plaque and cake at the game after celebrating his birthday the day before, but was eventually persuaded to go to a clinic after grudgingly admitting he was having problems.

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“He needs treatment to stop drinking, and his whole family agrees that Diego, the way he is now, is no longer manageable,” Reuters quoted Alfredo Cahe as saying to TyC Sports.

“We have to take the bull by the horns. He has liver problems, cardiovascular problems.

“It’s not his brain on the one hand, his liver on the other, his stomach – it’s a mixture of things.

“We have to clean up Diego and then we’ll see. He’s still a complicated patient.”

The 1986 world champion has had multiple hospitalizations over the years, some of which are related to his taste for extravagance.

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“What Diego’s future will look like is a mystery and it worries me,” admitted Cahe, his longtime medic. “He can’t go home like this.”

Leopoldo Luque, the former doctor of Barcelona and Napoli, also explained the difficulties involved in dealing with the hugely popular figure.

“He still needs to be taken care of,” he said to Mundo Deportivo, describing the challenges of encouraging Maradona to accept help.

“He’s been criticizing me and the medical staff. Since I met him, I’ve always wanted to give him the best possible help, but Diego is very, very difficult.

“You can’t imagine how difficult it is with him at times, but we’ll do everything we can to keep him healthy.”

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