Manchester United killer Edinson Cavani has received a three-game ban and £ 100,000 (US $ 136,000) fine from the English Football Association after admitting he used a racist term in an Instagram post in November.

Cavani, who signed a first one-year contract with United in October after leaving Paris Saint-Germain, has been criticized for the content of an Instagram post ahead of United’s Premier League game against Southampton.

Criticism eventually forced Cavani to delete the post and apologize after it was discovered that he used the word “Negrito” – which translates to “little black guy” – in the message.

Cavani’s three-game suspension means he will miss the Premier League clash with Aston Villa, as well as the League Cup semi-finals with Manchester City and the FA Cup clash with Watford.

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Cavani’s suspension and fine were reported in a statement by the Football Association: “A comment on the Manchester United striker’s Instagram page was offensive, abusive, inappropriate and discredited the game against FA Rule E3.1.

“The passage also constitutes a ‘serious offense’ as defined in FA Rule E3.2 as it contains an express or implied reference to color and / or race and / or ethnic origin.”

The news of the ban sparked numerous reactions on social media. One fan showed little sympathy for the Uruguayan striker and said: “Welcome to the @PremierLeague Cavani. You don’t do that in England and get away with it.” . “

Others claimed the fine and ban were far too high given the nature of the alleged offense.

Bernardo Silva: Actual racism, a ban on gamingDele Alli: Actual racism, a ban on gamingWayne Hennessy: Nazi salute, no punishment Edinson Cavani: Uses a term that is considered friendly in his language to refer to his fiend, 3-match ban + 100,000 fine A shame.

– RiZzy🔴 (@RiZzyUTD) December 31, 2020

From Cavani’s point of view, he was literally thanking his buddy. If you want to educate him about why it’s unacceptable and what cultural differences are okay. But a three-game ban is just overcompensating the FA to make people believe that they really care about racism

– Pøgba Senior (@TheSaItIsHere) December 31, 2020

The FA’s suspension and fine of Edinson Cavani is a perfect example of cultural racism. The FA has no understanding of Uruguayan culture or its language, but decides to punish and patronize Cavani by forcing him to take a course against racism. Just a shame.

– Zach Lowy (@ZachLowy) December 31, 2020

Another said the punishment was inappropriate and said: “Ridiculous. You took the word ‘Negrito’ out of context. We use it to call our close friends. Instead, it was supposed to pursue institutional and media racism against players like Marcus Rashford. “

Another offered a similar attitude, saying, “This is absolutely ridiculous. The word basically means ‘buddy’ in Uruguay. The word black in Spanish is ‘Negro / a’ so we’re going to ban Spanish players who ever said it have that they have a black. ” Car because it is offensive in some contexts? F * ck sake. “

Political correctness destroys society and freedom of expression. I am against hate speech, but let’s use common sense. Unfortunately that is also declining

– Robert Newman (@ RobertN63473827) December 31, 2020

And another fan railed against political correctness in the UK and tweeted: “Political correctness destroys society and freedom of speech. I am against hate speech, but let’s have some common sense. Unfortunately, that is also in decline.”

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