The very public divorce between Deontay Wilder and former trainer Mark Breland has reached new heights after Breland criticized the bronze bomber’s wrestling abilities, revealing that he doesn’t have much other than a powerful right hand.

Breland was ushered out of Wilder’s camp shortly after he threw in the towel in the seventh round of the WBC heavyweight title against Tyson Fury last year, which resulted in a prolonged attack on the fighter’s ropes.

The decision of the former professional Breland brought Wilder the first defeat of his professional career. Additionally, the couple broke up a relationship that first began in 2008.

Most observers agreed that the decision to abandon the fight was a wise one, as Wilder had already been hit on screen twice by the giant Brit.

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However, Wilder has since cited several conspiracy theories to explain his underperformance.

Among them, he has said that the elaborate costume he wore on his ring barrel was too heavy and had worn out his legs. He also suggested that his drinking water had been spiked with a muscle relaxant – and suggested that Breland could be responsible.

After facing several fanciful claims from Wilder and his camp over the past few months, the frustrated Breland – a former Olympic gold medalist – has hit back.

“With Deontay and me, that’s part of boxing, I think. His career is over now, so I’m done and he’s done. I’m done with him,” Breland recently told The Fight Is Right.

“One thing you all like to say [about Wilder] is that he has a lot of strength and that’s all. I wish him all the best and that’s it. [He’s] I just got his power and we’ll see how far that takes him – that’s all I’m going to say. ”

Breland didn’t pull any punches and prevailed against Wilder during his undefeated run. The 57-year-old coach said that even he could have beaten most of Wilder’s opponents.

“If I boxed the guys he was boxing, I would beat them. That’s the bottom line,” he said. “They say he had some ‘good wins’? Luis Ortiz was a good win. Just that fight, that was it.”

And when Breland was asked bluntly if Wilder had a respectable push, he simply replied, “No.”

“He never hit the pocket [in training]”, He added.” He doesn’t hit the speedbag. He doesn’t jump on the rope, he doesn’t hit the speedbag and he doesn’t hit the heavy bag. “

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Breland’s theories will no doubt be scrutinized the next time Wilder has a chance to fight. It remains unclear what identity his next opponent has, although he is contractually entitled to a third fight with Tyson Fury.

Representatives from Fury have positioned themselves to face the other man holding recognized world title in the sport, Anthony Joshua, in what is considered the greatest fight in British boxing history.

Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen. It is believed that Breland would not be averse to the idea of ​​seeing his ex-student face Fury again – even if he only wanted to prove his own points after his sharp breakup.

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