Stunned supporters have compared a spitting scandal involving a top soccer player in Germany to criminal incidents that led to law enforcement during the pandemic and voiced their anger before it was punished and suspended by the league.

Champions League star Marcus Thuram claimed the argument with Hoffenheim defender Stefan Posch, who was forced to wipe the spit off his face after the French striker approached him, “accidentally” occurred over the weekend.

The son of the 1998 World Cup winner, Lilian Thuram, was suspended for five games by the Bundesliga bosses on Monday. Borussia Mönchengladbach had already fined 48,000 US dollars and removed it from the team before the next game by the disgusted coach Marco Rose.

“Something has taken place that is not in my character and should never happen,” the rising star said on Instagram to his followers of more than 210,000.

Marcus Thuram sent Stefan Posch to spit in Hoffenheim’s today – a really irritated move in the middle of a particularly intense moment of the pandemic in Germany and beyond.

– Get French Football News (@GFFN) December 19, 2020

Since a virus is afoot, it should be released immediately

– Robert Lamont (@ RobertL04746414) December 20, 2020

Impressive! Throw the book at him, spitting is unacceptable at best. At the moment it sure is a criminal offense.

– Lloydi (@ Lloydi200182) December 19, 2020

“I reacted incorrectly to an opponent and something happened accidentally and not on purpose.

“I apologize to everyone, to Stefan Posch, to my opponents, to my team-mates, to my family and to everyone who saw my reaction. Of course, I accept all the consequences of my gesture. “

Outraged fans berated Thuram and voiced their shock at a time when Germany is on high alert over health policies as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

One pointed out that a man was jailed in the UK in November for spitting on another person when authorities tried to prevent similar situations.

That should be a massive, massive ban.

– Marques Houston is the best Batman (@durrellb) on December 19, 2020

“Doing that during a pandemic should be a bare minimum of a ten-game ban – probably longer,” argued another. “When it’s on a soccer field, an attack doesn’t seem to count.”

A fellow spectator urged: “You should throw the book at him. Spitting is reprehensible at best, but particularly repulsive in the current Covid pandemic.”

Thuram has been increasingly impressed since joining Gladbach from French team Guingamp in 2019 for around $ 14.5 million. After moving to Borussia Dortmund, Eden Hazard’s brother Thorgan took jersey number ten.

The towering 23-year-old scored ten goals last season and scored two goals in the 2-2 draw against Real Madrid in this year’s Champions League to qualify his team for the knockout round of a group that included Inter Milan belonged to.

The eighth Gladbach had conceded an equalizer to make it 1-1 just three minutes before Thuram’s dismissal, and his misery worsened when the guests scored a second late goal to win the game after his premature departure.

wants to ban for life even without this pandemic. Disgusting

– #WAWAW (@ ozzieowl71) December 19, 2020

This is actually an international pandemic crime.

– ap (@otheranthony) December 19, 2020

Hope @FIFAcom plans a ban on Marcus Thuram’s life for spat out someone in this pandemic

– jofrancis (@thechosensnizo) December 19, 2020

Rose condemned the shamed Thuram’s moment of madness. “It’s completely out of line and has no place on the football field,” he admitted.

“Marcus is a good person, self-reflective and well behaved. He must have blown a fuse at this point – that is the only explanation for his behavior.

“I apologize for that. He did a disservice to his team. Of course I spoke to him and he also spoke to the team.

“He’s got a lot of flak – and rightly so – but we’ll stand by him.”

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