A large group of pro-Trump protesters stand on the east steps of the Capitol Building after they stormed the grounds in Washington, DC on January 6th. Jon Cherry / Getty Images

Christopher Rodriguez, director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in DC, told reporters Thursday that the threat of right-wing extremism will continue to pose a threat to the District of Columbia and the surrounding region.

“Let’s be clear that the right-wing extremism threat is here, right, and we saw it on Jan. 6, and it will continue to be a lingering and genuine threat to the District of Columbia and our region as well,” said Rodriguez in response to a question from CNN.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said she asked Rodriguez to prepare an “advanced stance” to deal with these threats.

“I have directed Director Rodriguez and his team to work with our partners on our advanced stance to address the threat of white extremism and any other threat to our city,” said Bowser.

“We are now, for the rest of the year, the next three weeks, the next six weeks, examining what we think is intelligent from our federal partners, which indicates that we need more presence,” added the mayor.

Bowser confirmed earlier CNN reports that National Guard forces outside the state will leave the district today and numbers will decline by the end of the month.

The Mayor also said that she believes that any future joint congressional session should be viewed as a national special security event or as a form of enhanced security: “I think it is very clear to me that any joint congressional session should or should be a special security event such a package. “


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