By Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong is a Moscow-based British journalist, reporter and presenter for RT Sport. Follow him on Twitter @DannyWArmstrong

The apparent attempt by the FIFA 2021 game to sell sex to fans with the inclusion of pop princess Dua Lipa has had the bizarre effect of infuriating feminist football fans but delirious gay players in one fell swoop.

The ‘One Kiss’ diva Dua was included in the annual sports game as a ‘featured player’ to pique the interest of soccer-loving joystick jockeys in more than one way, despite not even being owned by Even the weakest link to the Sports.

Her inclusion prompted the male-dominated gaming community – perhaps a little more passionate about seeing a woman, real or virtual – scramble over themselves for a copy than they did last month of gaming -Giant EA Sports was released.

The 25-year-old brunette was part of a number of celebrities leading the way alongside former English captain and soccer legend David Beckham, NBA star Joel Embiid, Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Australian F1 rival Daniel Ricciardo von Hamilton Game in wildcard capacities have been added. All have a sporting background and can be used in the game as part of any team.

Part one of the plan to prick the ears of the FIFA-playing Brotherhood came about, but then came the strangest twist in the plot: Feminists were stunned by their admission and again demonstrated the sisyphic task of satisfying every whim; Conversely, Lipa’s gay cult episode was happy.

First, the novel addition of a female superstar to the world of football has still not reassured female football fans. They decided to ignore the fact that London-born Lipa became the first woman to be part of the game’s celebrity team. and instead took apart FIFA, which supposedly favors young sex symbols over their heroes on the field.

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Rather than congratulating a successful sister on a literal breakthrough on the patriarchal pitch, feminists lamented the lack of women’s national teams in the latest installment of the hugely popular soccer game.

There is some attraction to feminist FIFA lovers as international teams are available. If you feel like it, you can play as virtue signaler Megan Rapinoe and Co of the US women’s national team, but not even as a self-expression – the appointed saint of football’s social justice, Rapinoe, was enough.

There were other issues from players who accused FIFA of giving special treatment to the pretty pop star to give their character a full face scan to perfect their likeness, while other players are allegedly denied attention to detail.

It did so despite the fact that one of the sport’s brightest rising stars, Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood, was deprived of the same luxuries and had nothing to do with the real himself.

This just screams “generic woman”

– Kathleen McNamee (@kathleen_mcn) November 14, 2020

While feminists inexplicably put their shin guards in a twist over Lipa’s resemblance, the gaming community welcomed a new wave of gay fans who suddenly developed an unusual interest in online soccer games.

Thanks to her status as a gay icon, the interest of Lipa’s LGBT followers was piqued by her sheer role in the game and resulted in a series of memes from her followers expressing their newfound love for FIFA.

But the practicality of allowing a female player to play with 10 other men on one side apparently wasn’t thought through by EA Sports bosses who inadvertently targeted Lipa to be groped by ignorant teammates who regularly slapped their teammates the chest during the goal celebrations and sets the stage for some uncomfortable screenshots after the goal.

FIFA’s “Sex Sells” policy seems to have struck the middle ground, a hit with a crowd, but also a catch with others: while it pleases loyal players, its attempt to appease female players is rather unintentional in the face likes to offend most of the female consumers and become a source of entertainment for a whole new audience.

This bizarre turn of events will be something to keep in mind the next time the game launches a cheap shot, to achieve that lucrative overlap between feminist aspirations and masculine desires, and to remind of the dangers that it entails brings satisfaction to everyone.


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