#Roommates, with 2020 populated with endless election reports, things will finally come to an end tomorrow – but the White House is preparing for the outcome in interesting ways. Several fences and barricades are currently being erected outside the White House.

@CNN reports that a “non-scalable” fence (along with other obstacles) has been placed around the perimeter of the White House on orders from federal agencies as law enforcement prepares for possible protests related to the severely hostile elections in 2020. The fence, the same type erected during protests last summer following the murder of George Floyd, encompasses the Ellipse and Lafayette Square and runs down 15th Street to Constitution Avenue and then 17th Street. The fence also goes up to H Street and across from Lafayette and then down 15th Street, a White House source confirmed.

The extra layer of security is the best-known example to date of authorities preparing for civil unrest after this year’s election, especially if there is no clear winner between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the election results are counted on November 3rd. In addition, like before any general election for more than a year, DC Metro Police have been preparing their officers to ensure they are ready to handle anything from civil unrest to crowd control to possible disruption of the underground Rail Transits, Patrick Burke, executive director of the Washington, DC Police Foundation, said.

“If there is no winner, you will see significant deployments of officers at all levels in the capital,” said Burke. “Officials are getting cancellations of days off, shift extensions and full deployment of officials across the city.”

Washington, DC Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham warned the district’s city council last month that major unrest was expected after the election. In response, several local businesses in downtown DC near the White House have been boarding up doors and windows for the past few days in anticipation of possible protests.

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