The International Black Freedom Alliance (IBFA) and Michael Brown Sr. have teamed up to solicit a total of $ 20 million from Black Lives Matter. Earlier this week, IBFA’s Tory Russell and Michael Brown Sr. spoke on a video about the money they are asking for the movement and why they are asking for the money. They continued to explain the effort they plan to resume with the money as they continue to advance their community.

In the video, Russell claims that the movement forgot Ferguson and the freedom fighters who gave their lives. He says they are barely talked about and their families have not been cared for. An official press release noted that a recent article published by the Associated Press found that The Black Lives Matter’s Global Network Foundation raised over $ 90 million in the past year.

Even before the @aaronlmorrison article came out, #Ferguson Mike Brown Sr. and many members of the Black Community had questions about the money #BlackLivesMatter was raising. Here is her statement

– TheIBFA (@THEIBFA) March 2, 2021

The press release goes on to say that Michael Brown Sr. and many others were surprised to learn of the amount the organization had raised and began to question the group’s funding.

As many of you know, Michael Brown Jr. was killed by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in 2014. As a result of his murder, many people in the community took to the streets to protest that justice would be done in his case.

The press release goes on to say that they believe that “the dynamics of the 2014 riots and the subsequent protest that local activists organized several months later were the catalysts for the group that was able to raise the $ 90 million to obtain”.

IBFA also outlined the community’s efforts for which they intend to use the $ 20 million. You mentioned plans to use the money for them Chosen For Change Foundation (foundation for Mike Brown), a Mike Brown Community Center, granted to F.Erguson Protests and activists as well as programs and services in the black community.

As of that date, #MikeBrown’s father said he had only received $ 500 from a group affiliated with #BlackLivesMatter, although they along with many other events with other families organize an annual memorial weekend for their son to seek healing and empowerment

– TheIBFA (@THEIBFA) March 2, 2021

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