With President Trump continuing to claim electoral fraud for no reason and refusing to allow the presidential election, the Trump administration also needs to sign a key document that is required to formally begin the transition process.

This week, all eyes are on Trump-appointed General Services Administration Administrator Emily W. Murphy to recognize Joe Biden as President-elect and release funds to the Biden transition team through a process called an Investigation.

This would be the first formal confirmation from the Trump administration that Biden did indeed win the election and would allow access to national security tools to streamline background checks and additional funding for training and inbound staff pay.

Murphy hasn’t signed out yet. A GSA spokesman declined to give a specific timetable for the finding, a clear signal that the agency will not be ahead of the president.

“A determination has not yet been made,” GSA spokeswoman Pamela Pennington told CNN.

In early September, the Trump administration approved three memoranda of understanding with the Biden transition team, which are set out in the Presidential Transition Act. They were signed by the General Services Administration, the Department of Justice, and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

At this point, the Biden transition team was allocated $ 9.62 million for area code services, which the team continues to receive.

The investigation would trigger the release of additional funds of $ 9.9 million for by-election services, including $ 6.3 million for inbound administration, $ 1 million for officer guidance and training, and $ 2.6 million for outgoing services.

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