Covid-19 is spreading faster than ever in the US. In some states, hospitals are at full capacity. The country is now in the same position as France, Belgium and the Czech Republic last month, as fast-growing infections weighed on their health systems within weeks of failure.

But these countries have for the time being managed to avert the worst-case scenario in which people die because hospitals are full and they cannot access the care they need to survive. They slowed the epidemics by imposing bans and strict mask mandates.

Despite the clear evidence from Europe, the White House is still against new restrictions. “President Trump wanted me to make it clear that our task force, this administration and our president, do not support any further national lockdown. And we do not support school closings,” said Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday at the White House’s first coronavirus task Force briefing since July.

“You have to deal with the European situation,” said Mike Tildesley, an expert in infectious disease modeling at Warwick University and a research advisor to the UK government.

“And I mean, what we have done in Europe is by no means perfect. These governments are probably reacting a little slowly, but at least they are reacting, they are doing what they can to ensure that health services are not overwhelmed.” .. and I think that is clearly what is needed in the US. “

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Europe averted a collapse from Covid-19 - the US could learn that


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