Ice Cube responds to critics who believe it is being used by Trump after many people compared the situation to Steve Harvey and Kanye.

Cube announced months ago that it wanted to make permanent changes that would help the Black Community in ways that no administration has done before.

He and a few others signed a contract with Black America that covered issues like police brutality, loans, corporate grants, and more.

Republicans recently unveiled a $ 500 billion plan in response to the proposal.

Recently, someone in the Trump administration tweeted that he was working with Ice Cube.

This caused an explosion on social media.

Cube recently spoke to Roland Martin where he revealed that he wanted to meet with both parties to discuss the situation. He stated that the Democrats said they would be open to it after the election while the Republican Party stood ready to discuss the proposal.

Cube took the time during his appearance on Roland Martin’s series to explain that part of his contract with Black America was included in the platinum plan introduced by the Trump administration, and that both parties must work for the black vote.

“You see, a lot of people talked about this $ 500 billion, it doesn’t go to black people. In fact, that’s just the infrastructure funding program, it’s not really $ 500 billion going to black people, ”explained Roland Martin.

Cube countered with: “How many billions does the other give the blacks?”

Martin countered, “No, no, no, I’m saying this is not even, they are listing this thing under black economic authorization and access to capital.” Contract options. ‘That line right there isn’t for blacks. These are contract options for everyone. So that’s not it, they’re trying to make it sound like, ‘Oh, $ 500 billion to blacks. It is not. That is the actual annual program for everyone. ‘


Although they disagreed, Ice Cube has put his mind on what he’s trying to do, stating that any party in office is the party he will work with.

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