District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine CNN

DC Attorney General Karl Racine said today his office will investigate statements made by President Trump and a number of pro-Trump Republicans in the lead up to the Capitol uprising to see if their words broke the law.

“Regardless of whether they are incited, we will look at all of our statutes and facts, including the record of President Trump’s comments,” Racine told CNN’s Jake Tapper, adding that the president’s remarks were at least true. ruthless “and” not presidential “.

In a speech on Wednesday, Trump gathered the crowd of his supporters who had gathered in the National Mall and told them, “We will go down to the Capitol” and “You will never retake our country with weakness, you must.” Show strength. “

However, in his first public remarks to reporters after the uprising, Trump today insisted that his speech that sparked the Capitol uprising was “entirely appropriate” while also calling for “no violence.”

Racine said today his office will also be reviewing statements by other Trump allies who spoke shortly before the mob entered the Capitol.

“We’ll also look at other people’s comments, including Don [Trump] Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Congressman [Mo] Brooks, “said Racine.” All of their comments were at least flammable and deserve full investigation. “

Racine said his office would carefully analyze the remarks to distinguish between words that were merely flammable and those that may have reached legal standards of incitement.

He said they would “focus on timing the comments”.

“Just what the speakers and the crowd were saying, how close the crowd was to the Capitol, what exactly was the direction and direction? What did the crowd themselves think they were being urged to do?” Racine added.

“All of these facts will be relevant,” he said.

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