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Iran announced a new record of more than 9,000 new cases of COVID-19 infections in the Middle East’s hardest-hit country on Saturday as the government imposed new restrictions.

The latest official figure of 9,450 positive novel coronavirus cases within 24 hours results from a constant daily count of more than 8,000 over the past six days.

The number of Iranian viruses is now 673,250, said the Ministry of Health.

The virus has claimed an additional 423 deaths in the Islamic Republic, bringing the total death toll to 37,832.

The number of infections and deaths has continued to rise since September and hit several new highs, prompting officials to announce new restrictions.

On Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani presented a new list of measures during a meeting with the meeting of the COVID-19 Task Force.

In a televised speech, Rouhani said the new measures would close non-essential businesses such as malls, small retailers, cinemas and gyms for a month from 6 p.m. on Tuesday starting Tuesday.

This would apply to the capital Tehran, provincial capitals and “high-population cities,” he added.

The rising toll has prompted a number of health experts and officials to call for at least a lockdown on the capital.

Iran hasn’t imposed a full lockdown since being hit by COVID-19 in February. Rouhani argued the country’s sanctioned economy could not afford to shut down for any length of time.

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