Jeffree Star made the headlines again for less than positive reasons. Page 6 picked up a report from Insider in which several people close to Star in the 2000s alleged he was guilty of sexual assault, racist comments, bribery and physical violence.

The outlet claims that when Star made a name for himself on Myspace before becoming one of the biggest beauty vloggers, Star allegedly groped men in his inner circle and even used a stun gun to attack those who rejected his advances.

Jeffree denied the allegations, particularly those related to his appearance on Warped Tour, arguing that he and his friend were only “jokingly touching”. One of the incidents in question involved a homeless teenager.

Gage Arthur, who was 17 at the time of the alleged incident, said he turned down Star’s advances in 2009 before staying at his apartment overnight. Gage claims Jeffree gave him “Ambien” and then had oral sex with him while he was drunk.

Star and his lawyer alleged the allegations were “false and defamatory”, saying that Star had never drugged another person for sexual intercourse. Star reportedly offered the prosecutors and alleged victims $ 10,000 to keep quiet.

Jeffree’s rep said Insiders are more interested in making headlines with click-baiting than in finding out the truth. “Facts are still important,” Jeffree’s spokesman wrote in the statement, before going on to say that the “synopsis” was just a collection of lies and rumors that were discredited decades ago.

In addition, Star and his team claim they presented a variety of pieces of evidence that would refute the claims and stories. However, the reporter declined to use the story and instead opted for its “given narrative”.


As most know, Star has already hit the headlines for reasons like this, including when he apologized for the use of racial slurs early in his career. He also apologized to Tati Westbrook for easing the drama between her and James Charles.

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