Jordyn Woods shows off their fantastic curves for social media fans, and most of them indulge in their latest photos.

In the pictures, the young woman is wearing a Dior bikini while celebrating her 23rd birthday in Cabo.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian wore the same bikini when he vacationed in Punta Mita in April 2017. Her sister Kourtney Kardashian was celebrating her birthday.

The media personality also wore futuristic sunglasses and had her hair braided. Kylie Jenner’s former girlfriend looks amazing and she was able to start a real debate about plastic surgery.

Some commentators have praised them for being all natural, while others firmly believe that she had help from a great surgeon to look so good.

One person who believed Woods did all the work himself stated, “Your body is real and the people who say it isn’t are just unsure and really have to believe that it is a fake to feel better 🤷‍♀️. ”

One reviewer replied, “People say it is natural you trip. You know people with large thighs get BBLS too. 😂😂 ”

This commenter made an interesting point about photo editing: “I wish she could stop photoshoping her body, she’s a beautiful fat girl, just hug it !!!”

A fourth social media poster linked Woods’ looks to her current state of mind, adding, “When a woman is happy and carefree, everything starts to shine. Everyone said she could do it and screwed it up. Look at her so happy for this queen now. ”

This supporter revealed why Woods deserves credit for her body: “If you had followed Jordyn, you would have known that she works out a fitness program herself, sells fitness clothes, and so on. And you can see how she trains every day. ”

It’s hard to give either side the upper hand in this conversation, but it’s clear that Woods looks his best right now. Furthermore, the truth is likely a mix of all of the things mentioned in the answers above. A little bit of everything works wonders.


She was able to recover from the Tristan Thompson fraud scandal, which she attributed to alcohol. She’s now dating basketball star Karl-Anthony Towns, who can never keep his hands to himself when he’s around her.

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