As you may remember while Nicole Kidman and Keith urban When they were at the Sydney Opera House last month, they got into a conflict with another opera goer who had argued, in particular with the actress, over the decision to give the performance a standing ovation. That being said, Keith stood up peacefully for Nicole, but it turned out that it took all that force not to react more violently when the other man with his program brochure hit the star.

While Keith was on tonight’s episode of the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Keith shared, “We didn’t know you shouldn’t be in the opera. We sit down, we are with Nic’s mother and we clap. It was a great performance, it was so good, and I look around, and we cheer and cheer, everyone cheers, and I look around, and I see a few people standing and a few more, and I went, “Oh , damn it, I’m getting up. “

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As you may know, getting up at the opera used to be taboo, but it is no longer the case these days.

“And I got up and that guy behind me beat me up, not me, Nicole. Just like meeting her on a program, ”Keith recalled.

A spit followed and the security service asked the man to be led out of the building, but before that Urban was ready to stand up for the defense of his wife!

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Keith admitted, “It was kind of a pickle that I was in because you’re a husband and you want to defend your wife, but I guess what the hell? It took a lot of restraint. I think I looked at him. I just said, “It’s a standing ovation,” as if I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to.



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