Live with Kelly and Ryan turned into Live with Kelly Ripa after this Ryan Seacrest had to be absent for two days. Though the host returned on Wednesday, sources say she is over Ryan who is spreading too thin.

After Seacrest failed to film the live show on Monday and Tuesday, there were rumors that he must be suffering from coronavirus.

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Upon his return, he assured Ripa and fans that he was COVID negative. The problem, however, is why he had to take two days off to get the all-clear.

Apparently, in addition to recording his radio show, Ryan had to appear for the American Idol taping. Although the jobs didn’t overlap, he reportedly wasn’t able to get to the show until he got his results back.

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This doesn’t make sense for the audience either, as most shows are tested on site and filmed within an hour once the tests are negative.

Sources said OK! The magazine that the real problem was Kelly was upset by Ryan’s overwhelming schedule. They also said Ryan’s camp offered to film him from home. This was something Ripa believed was no use.

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Instead, insiders claimed it wanted to prove it could attract as many viewers, if not more – which was reflected in the ratings of the shows she recorded while Ryan was away.

According to some, this was a change in power from Ripa.

‘There was no idol when Ryan signed up to co-host. Kelly felt like it was just that [her former co-host] Michael Strahan, who would leave her for football every weekend, then took the job at Good Morning America. Kelly was very clear to Ryan that she wanted someone who was totally committed to the show and wouldn’t get on and off for an hour every day. It was basically a warning and her way of telling network managers and Ryan that she was the toss-up. ‘

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