Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Addison Rae live in New York City and put on a fashionable front. The couple were practically inseparable and now the duo are wearing matching outfits. While some are still baffled why Kourtney, 41, and Addison, 20) are such close friends (Addison’s mother, Sheri Easterling is the same age as Kourtney), the two have continued to develop a very close relationship. In fact, the two have been seen several times in matching outfits.

Since the two are in New York City (Addison celebrated her 20th birthday on October 6, 2020), they coordinated their outfits together.

Kourtney made headlines for wearing a Jill Sander turtleneck as a mini dress, but it wasn’t the first time the two wore similar styles. When Kourtney was seen in New York with the Sander top, Addison was wearing vegan leather pants with her. It was interesting that Addison’s pants matched Kourtney’s Nour Hammour, a lambskin coat.

The coat Kourtney Kardashian wore is called the Uptown Girl Shearling Collar Trench Coat, and Kourtney wore it the color chocolate. The coat costs around $ 1,660 and is made from lambskin. It has a detachable lambskin collar. Kourtney’s coat matches Addison’s pants, with the difference that Addison wore vegan leather.

Addison Raes pants are from Wilfred Melina and are called Melina Cropped Pant. They sell for about $ 148 and Addison wore the color cognac.

Addison combined her vegan leather pants with a crop top from Iamkoko.LA. The top is called the Reworked Camo Corset and costs about $ 68.

In the slideshow below, you may see several photos of Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae in matching outfits in New York City.

Addison wore the pants when she was out with Kourtney in Manhattan, but this time she wore a different top and opted for an off-white see-through shirt. Kourtney coordinated the wearing of a coat in a matching color. You can see these photos below.

What do you think of the matching looks of Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae?


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