It turns out that Kristen Doute was eventually invited to the wedding of Stassi Schroder and Beau Clark. The 37-year-old reality star took to her social media on Wednesday to share a post rocking Stassi Schroeder’s baby bump.

Schroeder, 32, fans know she announced that she and Beau Clark got married last month. They were due to get married in Italy on October 7, but their plans have been put on hold because of the pandemic.

The news takes Vanderpump Rules fans a bit by surprise, as Kristen and Stassi clashed with each other during their Season 8 reunion, which took place in June. Nobody knows how they came to improve their friendship again. However, it was reported earlier this year that Doute sent her flowers for her birthday.

Fans of the reality star duo know they were friends even before Vanderpump Rules first aired in 2013. Their relationship broke down after it was revealed that Kristen had slept with Jax Taylor, Stassi’s boyfriend at the time, without her knowing.

Doute and Schroeder became friends again, but then they fell apart a second time and she was no longer involved in Stassi’s engagement party, despite introducing Beau Schroeder.

In a glamor column in February, Schröder said she wanted to invite Kristen to her wedding, but at that point they weren’t ready to reconcile their friendship. The star said she had no idea how it was going to go on.

Stassi went on that if she and Kristen watch the final season of Vanderpump Rules they could get mad at each other. The reality star admitted that inviting someone who’s mad at her to “one of the most important” days of their lives would be a bad idea.


Fans won’t see Kristen and Stassi mend their friendship under Vanderpump Rules because they were both fired earlier this year for calling the police at Faith Stowers.

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