After her amazing 40th birthday trip Kim Kardashian took to their social media platform of choice, Instagramto share some of the best moments, both in pictures and video format! Aside from herself, many of her close friends and all of her family members were featured having fun together, including her brother. Rob Kardashian!

Rob has definitely done a lot better lately and it shows!

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Not only has the only Kar Jenner son lost weight after years of giving up his life in the spotlight, but he also seems a lot happier and more confident now that he’s more or less back.

After all, Rob would not be caught dead in any of his siblings’ posts a few months ago and would stay as far away from the public as possible.

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But these days he’s almost always featured on posts that aim to document family events and activities, so Kim’s birthday was no exception.

As you may know, the reality TV clan celebrated Kim’s big 4-0 on a private island, far from other people and the pandemic.

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One of Kim’s posts was a six minute ‘birthday vlog’ and her brother looked in a good mood in the clip too!

The video was pretty much a compilation of the best moments the famous family had on the luxurious private island. The fans were thrilled for several reasons!

One of her fascinating and relaxing activities on the trip was apparently whale watching, as Kim announced in a section of the vlog that she herself shot on a yacht.

“All right, we’re whale watching … my brother Rob, Kendall – we’re ready. We’re all going to get in and we’re excited, ”she said, and Rob beamed excitedly.

Then her best friend, Lala, made sure they weren’t doing whale watching, but, better yet, actually swimming with them!

“So we’re about to swim with whales – so we’re getting into the water with humpback whales, it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime time here,” enthused Lala.


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