On the eve of Election Day, hosts Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel realized what they think is at stake for the 2020 presidential race. And after criticizing President Donald Trump for four years for his various scandals and newsworthy moments, they didn’t hold back.

“Tomorrow is our chance to prove him wrong. It’s in our power to reject Trump … it’s our chance to save democracy, ”Meyers said during the Late Night episode on Monday.

Meyers called the presidential race the “most momentous choice of our lives” and summed up the four years under President Donald Trump. Meyers recites a long list of scandals, problems and acts of violence that have come to light under the leadership of the former reality TV star, noting that too much is at stake.

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But even in the last minutes of his election campaign, the president continues his “ugly and vicious ways,” said Meyers. From tweeting support for protesters who prevented a Biden-Harris from reaching his event goal to reports that Trump will declare an early victory if the results appear in his favor, Meyers said Trump will be ready by End of his term.

“When can we simply call this fascism?” he asked.

While the 2020 presidential race may be a make-it or break-it moment for many, it stands out from previous elections as many cities across America prepare for post-election rioting.

“Hell, America is getting full now, Mad Max,” joked Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show.

The late night shows showed news clips from shops and buildings across the country where wood was installed to protect the windows and act as barriers against the chaos that could arise tomorrow night. Even the White House is taking precautions as staff erected a wall and fence around the national building.

“They know shit is real when even the White House puts up extra fences and barriers,” added Noah, who urged audiences to remain reasonable and avoid violent acts regardless of the election results.

But from ballot papers that could be received after Tuesday to the potential violence that could result, Jimmy Kimmel said uncertainty is high as of Tuesday night.

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen,” he said during his opening monologue.

Kimmel also came across Trump and his last-minute efforts to sway voters in his favor. After sharing stories of post-election precautionary measures and COVID-19 cases related to the president’s events, Kimmel concluded that the current President of the United States may not care about others.

“He doesn’t care about this country. If he loses, he wants us to pull each other’s heads off, ”he said. “He doesn’t even care about his own supporters.”

“Trump ends his campaign by complaining and whining like a dripping orange slut,” added Kimmel.

Take a look at the Meyers, Noah, and Kimmel segments below.


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