Luke Shaw could be suspended from the Premier League after accusing the referee of avoiding Man United’s wrongdoing against Chelsea – but Harry Maguire has admitted his fellow defender misunderstood the conversation.

United were unlucky not to receive a penalty in the first half of Sunday’s standoff against Thomas Tuchel’s revitalized Chelsea team after the ball appeared to hit Callum Hudson-Odoi’s hand as he battled for the ball with Mason Greenwood.

After a brief delay, with both the VAR and umpire Stuart Attwell reviewing the criminal claim and ultimately denying it, full-back Shaw landed after the game claiming he heard Attwell skipper Maguire say when he gave the Punishment, it would lead to endless press debate.

“The referee even agreed [Harry]if it is a pen it will cause a lot of talk afterwards. So I don’t know what happened there, “Shaw told Sky Sports.

Luke Shaw could face FA indictment and a possible ban because of these comments about the umpire at Stamford Bridge. Only United couldn’t get the penalty we should have, but in the end one of our own players was banned for it too. FFS.

– Jay Motty (@JayMotty) March 1, 2021

“”[Harry] said they were told it was a pen. He was told it was a punishment from VAR so I’m not sure what is going on. “

Shaw’s claims were reiterated shortly after the game by United manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer in an angry interview, who admitted that he withheld his response for fear of reprisals from the football association.

“One hundred percent,” he blew up when asked if a penalty should have been imposed. “You shout, it’s handball for our player, but if you watch it on the video it takes two points away from us.”

🗣 “It’s all these outside influences, it’s cheeky when you put this on your website, it influences the referees. You can read it.” 😡 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is frustrated with the punishment that did not give

– Football Daily (@footballdaily) February 28, 2021

Ole Gunnar Solskjær complains that he hasn’t received enough penalties or rulings in United’s favor … They have received 42 penalties in all competitions since he took office as United manager in 2018. The PL average during this period was 13.1. Hilarious.

– LDN (@LDNFootbalI) February 28, 2021

The furious Norwegian boss also said Chelsea may have tried to “influence the officials” by posting an article on their website citing an incident between Maguire and Chelsea skipper Cesar Azpilicueta in the second leg earlier this season has been.

Those complaints changed hours after the game when United and Shaw traced the alleged content of the discussion between Maguire and Attwell, revealing that Shaw had “misread” the conversation – withdrawing all allegations of inappropriateness.

The U-turn does not save Shaw from a ban on the FA rules against players who “imply bias or attack integrity” [of officials]. “

The former England defender should know his fate by Wednesday this week as the rules require the FA to have three working days to make a decision.

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