Tiger Woods forgot a Sunday in Augusta when he shot a ten on the 12th hole (par 3) and found the water three times – the worst number he has ever achieved on a hole in his nearly 30-year career.

The 44-year-old five-time Masters champion didn’t seem to have a chance of finishing sixth when the game started early Sunday, but a little more than in the middle of his round his chances hit a wall or more specifically a water trap.

The first two shots from Woods sailed into Rae’s Creek and another overran the target to settle in a bunker – with his initial shot also accidentally submerged.

The resulting Septuple bogey put Woods to 4 over par – and the irony of the 12th hole, where Woods won the tournament in a remarkable comeback last year, hasn’t been lost a million times by socially distant viewers watching the show.

Tiger would be in the top 20 now if it wasn’t for that epic breakdown.

– Gregg Williams Bounty szn (@TeamThirstTrap) November 15, 2020

Tiger has played PGA Tour Golf for over 20 years and has carded his first 10 today. Pffft, I do that every weekend. Welcome to the @TigerWoods club

– Mike Honcho (@ohiowhitesnake) November 15, 2020

“I am committed to the wrong wind,” Woods said afterwards to CBS. “The wind was right for the first two (golfers), and when I walked in there it howled off to the left. The flag on 11 was howling to the left and I wasn’t committed to the wind. I also went ahead and pushed it too because I did thought the wind was coming more from the right and it was from the left.

“With that the problems have only just begun,” added Woods. “From there I shot a lot more shots and had a lot more experience in Raes Bach.”

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It was a near impossible task for Woods to repeat the exploits of last year when he started day 11 with gunfire at leader Dustin Johnson.

Woods sped up the pace on the course and pocketed five birdies in the next six holes, finishing with 76 to get a below par overall, but the damage had already been well and really done by that point.


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