It was revealed that the OnlyFans community is welcoming another important person. This time, Michael B. Jordan seems to have got an account and The Shade Room knows more about the subject and what he is supposed to do with the amount of money he is going to make.

TSR noted that the actor appeared on an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week.

He started talking casually about why he decided to join the popular platform. It seems he took this step for a good cause!

TSR also noted that Michael (who, in case you don’t know, was named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine last week) sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and brought up this issue of OnlyFans.

‘The conversation results in Jimmy pulling up his mustache. Michael admits he never had time to sit in one place and grow his facial hair without grooming or grooming for the press or a character, ”noted TSR.

He said he grew his mustache during quarantine and even gave it a name – “Murphy” or “Murph” for short.

He also said, “I’ll have an OnlyFans soon.” and Jimmy Kimmel replied, “Ohh, an OnlyFans account.”

Check out the video above to see the entire conversation.

One follower said, “Now I have to subscribe to Lmao,” and someone else posted this message, “He’s about to get my whole check.”

One commenter wrote, “Just here to make sure my girl isn’t here,” and someone else said, “RIP to every other guy who only lives on fans.”

Another follower said this, “I think you shouldn’t tell people what it is, just let them surprise you” and one fan wrote, “If he wants my money I have to see at least a print or something.”

What do you think of his plans?


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